Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Host Media Processing Software Release 3.1LIN

Note: Dialogic® Host Media Processing Software has joined the Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Product Family and is now known as Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Host Media Processing Software (PowerMedia HMP).

To run PowerMedia HMP for Linux successfully, you need PowerMedia HMP and a suitable kernel.

Current Version:

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  • GCC 4.1.1 Compiler Support.
  • dx_setchxfercnt() API Function Support.
  • Added Unspecified G.723.1 Bit Rate in Outgoing SIP Request with SDP
  • Added Overlap-Receive Support for Limited SIP-I Interworking Scenarios.
  • Added Processing Multiple 18x Provisional Responses.
  • Added TLS and SRTP Channel Support Increase.
  • Added 33 Frames Per Packet Support (AMR).
  • Added Register Authentication Data without Realm String.
  • Added Handling non-2xx Responses to T.38 Switch.
  • Added MIME Insertion in Outgoing ACK.
  • Added Increase in Channel Density for G.711 Codec.

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