Avaya DevConnect

The Avaya DevConnect program—an initiative to develop, market and sell innovative third-party products that interoperate with Avaya technology and extend the value of a company’s investment in its network.

As a Technology Partner, Dialogic is eligible to submit products for compliance testing by the Avaya Solution Interoperability and Test Lab. There, a team of Avaya engineers develops a comprehensive test plan for each application to verify whether it is Avaya compatible. Doing so enables businesses to confidently add best-in-class capabilities to their network without having to replace their existing infrastructure—speeding deployment of new applications and reducing both network complexity and implementation costs.

Solution Focus:

Signaling, application development, network switching

Avaya DevConnect Compliant Solutions

A compact (1U) network appliance enabling mobile & fixed line connectivity to premise, hosted & cloud-based solutions

The Dialogic® IMG 2020 Integrated Media Gateway enables interworking between IP and PSTN networks via high-density optical, telephony and Ethernet connections in a compact 1U form factor.

Along with providing of a broad range of scalability in a small footprint, the IMG 2020 handles signaling and media in a single carrier-grade chassis and can deliver SIP services into SS7, SIGTRAN, PRI, SIP and SIP-I networks.

The IMG 2020 also manages sessions through capabilities that include SIP mediation, SIP-to-H.323 interworking, SIP back-to-back user agent (B2BUA), built-in firewall, and IP-to-IP transcoding of voice, fax and tones for network access applications.   

The solution offers energy efficiency and hardware components in which hazardous substances have been minimized, helping operators and contact centers to fulfill "green" initiatives.

Read about DNT’s success with the IMG 2020: DNT Company Selects Dialogic IMG 2020 Gateway for Their First Cloud-Based Contact Center

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Carrier-grade IP softswitch for seamless interconnection of VoIP solutions such as contact centers into the legacy PSTN

The Dialogic® ControlSwitch™ System meets the needs of both network operators and enterprises that require best-in-class connectivity between disparate IP and TDM networks.  As a carrier-grade softswitch, the ControlSwitch™ provides advanced functionality that encompasses session control, security, signaling and media interworking, and service enhancement for both voice and data applications.

By mediating between IP-based protocols (SIP, MGCP, H.323, H.248) and PSTN signaling protocols (SS7, PRI, CAS R1/R2), the ControlSwitch enables advanced services to be delivered across a broad range of traditional and IP-based networks.

Deployed in combination with the Dialogic I-Gate 4000 PRO or EDGE Media Gateways, the ControlSwitch System provides a distributed, high-availability and highly-scalable architecture with open interfaces to contact centers, media devices, application servers and back office systems.

Dialogic has a rich history in helping enterprises and network operators to deploy complex communication solutions that grow revenue and improve productivity.  With a global presence, Dialogic has the Professional Services depth needed to address unique system integration challenges and ensure accelerated time-to-market for customers worldwide.

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High-performance, cloud-ready, purpose built & fully optimized network traffic load-balancer for realtime communications.

PowerVille™ LB provides a unique combination of intelligent traffic management features that take into account contextual awareness, quality of experience, and session management considerations critical for delivering seamless service in a real-time communications network.

PowerVille LB features efficiently manage incoming traffic across application server clusters, significantly reducing application design complexity and improving network performance.  High availability, redundancy and smart failover with call preservation features provide scalability and reliability.

Improved resource efficiency coupled with the flexibility of cloud-ready software can translate to lower OPEX and CAPEX for the solution provider.

PowerVille LB supports a rich set of services and protocols, facilitating rapid application integration and system interoperability without sacrificing performance. 

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