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FCCI was established in 2005 by a team of communication professionals with headquarters at Hsichih Oriental Science Park in Taipei, Taiwan. FCCI specializes in system integration and actively develops visionary and innovative products and technology.

FCCI offers customer-oriented service, professionalism, excellent teamwork and business integrity. Demonstrating integration professionalism and  experience, the FCCI Technology Team has won customers’ favor and trust for many years. FCCI believes that face-to-face communication and customer-oriented systems help customers work with better efficiency.

Ezmake graphic-rolling software developed by FCCI enhance customers' sound systems and warning mechanisms and also helps extend IVR, Call Center – CRM, Fax Server, Auto-Dialing and Joint Conference, SIP etc.
The Ezmake provides enterprises with a more convenient and easy way to integrate system functions.
Benefits :
Provides enterprise telecom software development and integration technology, eliminating or reducing software development time so enterprises can use this smooth and easy platform to transfer process and signals. Learn more at about Ezmake on the FCCI website.
Solution Focus:
Network Switching, Signaling, Application Development