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Dialogic and IBM’s shared vision for real-time communications has naturally led the two companies to develop technology that can be easily integrated with each other’s solutions. This continued partnership is demonstrated in the number of applications that have been developed over the years with each other’s technology. 

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IBM Watson & IBM Watson Voice Gateway

IBM WatsonDialogic has established an integration point with the IBM Watson suite of analytics tools in its PowerNova Application Server that can be accessed by both PowerVille real-time communications applications as well as customized applications built on the PowerNova platform.

This integration point accesses Watson’s AI and analytics tools via the IBM Voice Gateway using standards based protocols to make interoperability with other solutions straightforward and easier. Read the blog Intersecting Real-Time Communications with IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence for more details.

For more information on IBM Voice Gateway, read the white paper IBM Voice Gateway: Harnessing Artificial Intelligence Engagement Effectively for Business and Operational Gain


IBM Websphere Liberty

IBM debuted their WebRTC capabilities with Websphere Liberty at IBM Interconnect 2016. WebSphere Liberty is a fast and easy-to-use application server, based on a mix of IBM and open-source software.  When used with Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS, WebSphere Liberty creates the foundation for multi-media enterprise WebRTC applications.

Read the blog from the show for more info.

Listen to the podcast from IBM Senior Technical Staff Member, Brian Pulito, to learn how Watson can be integrated into telephony applications.

IBM Cognitive Customer Experience Application based on PowerMedia XMS

Dialogic was featured in IBM’s Cognitive Agent demonstrations titled “So You Want to Talk To Watson? Just Give It A Call” at IBM World of Watson 2016. The demonstration showed how financial service companies can leverage IBM Watson's real-time voice interface to replace aging interactive voice response (IVR) systems with self-service cognitive agents, or provide live agents with real-time voice analytics to better service their customers. Dialogic PowerMedia XMS enables the demonstration by facilitating a live-agent WebRTC session, providing an interface between the WebRTC session and IBM’s Watson Speech-to-Text engine, performing conversion of voice codecs in real-time (also known as transcoding).  Read the press release for more detail.

IBM Watson

This video shows the ease in integrating IBM Watson’s Speech-to-text services in building a WebRTC gateway using PowerMedia XMS.

How to build a WebRTC Gateway and integrate IBM Watson Speech-to-Text services Video