Dialogic® Distributed Signaling Interface Network Interface Boards

Dialogic® Distributed Signaling Interface (DSI) development package software and documentation can be downloaded from the table below.

DSI Software and Documentation for Network Interface Boards | DSI Software and Documentation for Signaling Servers | DSI Protocol Stacks for Linux, Solaris and Windows: Software and Documentation

DSI Software and Documentation for Network Interface Boards




Release Notes

User Documentation        

SS7 Development Package DSI operating environment for all network interface boards, host protocol stacks and SIU hosts.

DSI DevPak for Linux

DSI DevPak for Solaris SPARC Platforms

DSI DevPak for Solaris x86 Platforms

DSI DevPak for Windows





Software Environment Programmer's Manual - Issue 17

Programmer's Manual for RMM - Issue 1


SS7MD Multi-Dimension Network Interface Boards SS7MDL4 - PCI Express, Low Profile, 4 T1/E1, MTP, ATM  SS7.DC6 Codefile
SS7MCD.DC6 Codefile
V1.13 SS7MD Programmer's Manual - Issue 5

SS7MDL4 Installation Guide - Issue 2
SS7HD Network Interface Boards SS7HDP - PCI High Density Board
SS7HDE - PCI Express High Density Board
SS7HDC - Compact PCI High Density Board
SS7.DC4 Codefile V5.12

SS7HD Programmer's Manual - Issue 11
SS7HDP / SS7HDE Installation Guide - Issue 3
SS7HDP Regulatory Notices - Issue 3
SS7HDE Regulatory Notices - Issue 3
SS7HDC Installation Guide - Issue 2
SS7HDC Regulatory Notices - Issue 3


SS7LD Network Interface Boards SS7LDH4 - PCI Express Low Density Board - 4 T1/E1
SS7.DC7 Codefile   V1.09 SS7LD Programmer's Manual - Issue 3 
Installation Guide - Issue 2
SPCI Network Interface Boards SPCI2 - PCI Low Density Board - 2 T1/E1
SPCI4 - PCI Low Density Board - 4 T1/E1
SS7.DC3 Codefile 

Monitor.DC3 Codefile



SPCI2S / SPCI4 User Manual - Issue 7
Programmer's Manual for SPCI2S, SPCI4- Issue 7
SPCI Installation Guide