Dialogic® TX Series SS7 Boards

Dialogic® TX Series development package software and documentation can be downloaded from the links below.


Support for Dialogic® TX Series software is provided in three stages: 

Stage 1 – Production

This is the initial stage of use and support for a release following its general availability announcement.  This is the most current release for the software product and contains the latest and most enhanced features. Added or enhanced functionality is delivered in Production versions.

 Stage 2 – Maintenance

The second stage in the software life cycle begins for a software version when it is superseded by a newer version.  During this stage Dialogic is committed to supporting the existing functionality of the software including troubleshooting and correcting any defects encountered.

 Stage 3 – Extended

Support of Dialogic software products that are no longer in the Maintenance stage are conditionally available through extended support agreements, obtained as an additional option to your service agreements. For pricing and other conditions of extended support, contact your Dialogic sales representative.


The Dialogic® Signaling Software releases currently in Production and Maintenance stages are listed in the table below.


Software Release General Availability 

Production End 

 Maintenance End
 Signaling Software 5.3  20 January 2010  Current Release  
 Signaling Software 5.1  20 July 2009  20 January 2010  20 July 2012
 Signaling Software 5.0  31 October 2008  20 July 2009  31 October 2010
 Signaling Software 4.3  31 October 2007  31 October 2008  31 October 2009
----------------------------- ----------------------------- -----------------------------  -----------------------------
 SS7 Monitor 3.0  31 August 2009  Current Release  
 SS7 Monitor 2.3  31 October 2006  31 August 2009  31 August 2010