DialogicĀ® PowerMedia XMS - Software Release Lifecycle

Dialogic® PowerMedia® XMS Software Release Lifecycle


PowerMedia XMS/MRB Software Release Lifecycle Stages

The following PowerMedia XMS/MRB Software Lifecycle stages are defined in the Dialogic software policy (Software Lifecycle Policy for Dialogic® Software-Only Products)

PowerMedia XMS/MRB Software Release Lifecycle Dates

The following table details the software release support lifecycle dates for PowerMedia XMS/MRB software releases.  Product Change Notifications can be found on Dialogic Exchange Network (DEN), here: Product Change Notifications


Software Release 3 Year Support Lifecycle Software Release Discontinuance
Product Change Notification (PCN)
Product Software Release Initial Release Date End of Standard Maintenance (EoSM) date (2year) End of Software Release Commitment (3year) PCN Number PCN date End of Software Support (EoSS) date End of Tech Support (EoTS) date
PowerMedia XMS Release 1.0 20-Feb-2012 19-Feb-2014 19-Feb-2015   D000261-00 18-Dec-2015 30-Jun-2016 30-Jun-2016
PowerMedia XMS Release 1.1 3-Aug-2012 3-Aug-2014 3-Aug-2015  


18-Dec-2015 30-Jun-2016 30-Jun-2016
PowerMedia XMS Release 2.0 14-Feb-2013 14-Feb-2015 14-Feb-2016          
PowerMedia XMS Release 2.1 31-Oct-2013 30-Oct-2015 30-Oct-2016  


2-Dec-2016 31-Dec-2016 31-Dec-2016
PowerMedia XMS Release 2.2 3-Mar-2014 2-Mar-2016 2-Mar-2017   D000281-00 2-Dec-2016 31-Mar-2017 31-Mar-2017
PowerMedia XMS Release 2.3 20-Oct-2014 19-Oct-2016 19-Oct-2017   D000289-00 31-May-2017  31-Oct-2017 31-Oct-2017
PowerMedia XMS Release 2.4 2-Mar-2015 2-Mar-2017 2-Mar-2018   D000295-00  8-Dec-2017  31-Mar-2018  31-Mar-2018 
PowerMedia XMS/MRB Release 3.0 5-Oct-2015 4-Oct-2017 4-Oct-2018   D000296-00  6-Mar-2018  31-Oct-2018 31-Oct-2018
PowerMedia XMS/MRB Release 3.1 15-Mar-2016 15-Mar-2018 15-Mar-2019   D000302-00   30-Oct-2018 31-Mar-2019  31-Mar-2019
PowerMedia XMS/MRB Release 3.2 10-Nov-2016 10-Nov-2018 10-Nov-2019   D000303-00  27-Feb-2019 30-Nov-2019 30-Nov-2019 
PowerMedia XMS/MRB Release 3.3  3-May-2017  3-May-2019  3-May-2020   D000312-00 15-Nov-2019 31-May-2020 31-May-2020
PowerMedia XMS/MRB Release 3.4  27-Jun-2017  27-Jun-2019 27-Jun-2020   D000313-00 15-Nov-2019 31-Jul-2020 31-Jul-2020 
PowerMedia XMS/MRB Release 3.5  23-Oct-2017  23-Oct-2019  23-Oct-2020   D000320-00 02-Feb-2022 31-Dec-2021 31-Dec-2021
PowerMedia XMS/MRB Release 4.0  15-Mar-2019  15-Mar-2021  15-Mar-2022    D000324-00 27-Jan-2023 31-Jul-2023 31-Jul-2023
PowerMedia XMS/MRB Release 4.1 29-Jan-2020 29-Jan-2022 29-Jan-2023   D000323-00 27-Jan-2023 31-Aug-2023 31-Aug-2023
PowerMedia XMS/MRB Release 5.0 1-Sep-2020 1-Sep-2022 1-Sep-2023          
 PowerMedia XMS/MRB Release 5.1  18-Nov-2022 18-Nov-2024 18-Nov-2025