APEX and Dialogic Collaborate on WebRTC Service Delivery Platform

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Multimedia Service Creation and Delivery Platform boosted by Rich Media Mixing, Software Virtualization, Telco Hardened Scalability and WebRTC Support

WebRTC Conference and Exhibition, Atlanta, GA. – June 26, 2013Dialogic Inc. (OTCQB:DLGC) and APEX Voice Communications, Inc. today demonstrated a video conference and collaboration solution for carriers that included Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser based participants mixed with SIP soft-clients and streaming video using the emerging WebRTC standard. The demonstration highlighted technical and product collaboration efforts which elevate the combined capabilities of the OmniVox3D® Application Server, the core component of the APEX Service Delivery Platform, and the Dialogic® PowerMedia™ XMS software media server to a whole new level. 

WebRTC simplifies access and usability of multimedia communication sessions while reducing the cost of acquiring and managing communication client apps (soft-phones and soft-video phones) across a variety of endpoints and operating systems, which is one aspect that makes it a game-changing technology for the industry. 

“Communications network operators see WebRTC as a potential vehicle to turn the tables on so called Over the Top (OTT) communications service providers, enabling the network operators to bring innovative and competitive new broadband multimedia communication services to both on-net and off-net subscribers more easily,” said Elhum Vahdat, executive vice president of APEX. “To create and deliver these services, carriers need application server and media server technology that is ready to support WebRTC endpoints, and developers need a proven service creation environment on which to innovate. APEX’s value added communication service solutions have been built on Dialogic technology for more than two decades, first on TDM DSP boards, then on PowerMedia HMP, and now with PowerMedia XMS. As this new wave of innovation and demand rises behind WebRTC, APEX and Dialogic are out in front together once more; ready to provide a scalable delivery platform carriers need to monetize new services.” 

As an example of the powerful economics at play when WebRTC is introduced into a market segment, it is not unheard of for subscriber licenses for soft-clients that enable access to interactive voice and video solutions to approach 30-40 percent of the cost to roll-out a new service. Considering that browser technology and clients are typically free for download and installation from major companies such as Google and Mozilla, it is easy to see how disruptive WebRTC could be to current service business models. Solution and service providers that embrace this disruption early will stand to benefit both in terms of competitiveness and expertise. Current communications market segments expected to benefit from this technology include multi-party conferencing and collaboration, unified communications and contact center. 

“APEX and Dialogic have laid the groundwork for an exceptional one-two app server / media server punch in the WebRTC market,” said Andrew Goldberg, senior vice president of Marketing and Strategy for Dialogic. “Not only are we well positioned to enable developers to create leading edge, competitive WebRTC services for Telcos, we can do so using 100 percent NFV software technologies, thereby leveraging two major trends for network operators.”     

APEX Voice Communications and Dialogic are participating in the WebRTC Conference and Exhibition currently running in Atlanta, Georgia through June 27th. Both companies are demonstrating their technologies and viewpoints on this important technology and the industry impact.


About Dialogic: 

Dialogic (OTCQB:DLGC), the Network Fuel™ company, inspires the world’s leading service providers and application developers to elevate the performance of media-rich communications across the most advanced networks. We boost the reliability of any-to-any network connections, supercharge the impact of applications and amplify the capacity of congested networks. Forty-eight of the world’s top 50 mobile operators and nearly 3,000 application developers rely on Dialogic to redefine the possible and exceed user expectations. 

For more information on Dialogic and communications solutions energized by our technology, visit www.dialogic.com and www.dialogic.com/showcase. Also, visit our social media newsroom for the latest news, videos and blog posts. 

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About APEX Voice Communications: 

APEX is a global provider of Service Delivery Platforms and Application Servers to Network Operators, Value Added Service Providers (VASPs), Contact Centers, Enterprises and Value Added Resellers (VARS) for Voice, Video, SMS/Text and USSD enhanced services. With over 15,000 installations across 95 countries since 1989, APEX continues to be a leader in delivering the latest solutions for mission-critical and revenue-generating enhanced services.   

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