Dialogic Enhances Real-Time Communications with New Load Balancer Offering

Monday, November 21, 2016

Dialogic® PowerVille™ LB 1.4 – Load Balancer for Real-Time Communications adds additional protocols and SIP security

Dialogic PowerVille LB 1.4

Parsippany, NJ (November 21, 2016) - Dialogic, a cloud-optimized applications and infrastructure solutions provider for service providers, enterprises, and developers, announced today the general availability of version 1.4 of Dialogic® PowerVille™ LB – Load Balancer for Real-Time Communications, a software-based load balancer designed to address the unique scaling and resilience requirements of real-time communications applications of carriers and enterprises. 

PowerVille LB 1.4 software adds support for new real-time communications protocols including an MGCP to SIP/MSML interworking feature that simplifies the migration of applications often found in cable operator networks.  With this new feature, the LB software accepts MGCP media control commands and converts those commands to SIP/MSML sessions, distributing the resulting messages across a pool of media servers.  With this feature, existing network applications can be more easily migrated to virtualized or cloud-based media servers, including Dialogic’s PowerMedia® XMS.

In addition, PowerVille LB 1.4 adds support for SIP over WebSockets, an important capability that facilitates scaling of WebRTC applications while maintaining security.  Load balancing for SIP over WebSockets is a common need for large-scale conferencing and collaboration applications.

Other enhancements in LB 1.4 include:

  • Performance improvements for SIP applications
  • Support for dual Ethernet interfaces for bi-directional SIP traffic
  • Additional load balancing algorithms including a combination of priority and round robin routing
  • Enhanced out of service handling for maintenance of service nodes

“As operators are migrating to large-scale virtualized and cloud implementations, the role of a load balancer becomes increasingly important,” said Jim Machi, Senior VP Product Management and Marketing at Dialogic. “By supporting real-time communications protocols, Dialogic PowerVille LB is uniquely positioned to address the load balancing needs of large-scale carrier and enterprise applications.”

Dialogic PowerVille LB is a software-based high-performance, and fully optimized network traffic load-balancer, uniquely designed to meet challenges for today’s demanding Real-Time Communication infrastructure in both carrier and enterprise applications. With PowerVille LB, application developers, service providers, and enterprises are able to dynamically scale, distribute, and manage traffic associated with a diverse set of real-time and non-real-time applications across disparate applications and data centers.  Designed for COTS servers, virtualized, or NFV deployments, the software-based PowerVille LB can be deployed in cloud or on premise implementations, supporting geographic diversity and resilience.

To learn more about version 1.4 of PowerVille LB – Load Balancer for Real-Time Communications, visit the product information center at: http://www.dialogic.com/en/products/powerville/load-balancer-for-real-time-communications.aspx

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