Bandwidth Optimization Solutions

Despite continuing decreases in bandwidth costs, there are still many international routes and national long-distance networks where transmission prices are high or the available transmission bandwidth is limited. For telecom operators carrying voice traffic over costly or bandwidth-limited transmission links, toll quality voice compression systems provide a unique solution that ensures substantial OPEX savings on bandwidth, equipment, operations and more efficient utilisation of the deployed network resources.

Typical applications that can benefit from toll quality voice compression include: 

  • Transmission of long-distance international and domestic telephony traffic.
  • Interconnection of MSC switches in mobile networks.
  • Backhaul transmission between MSC switches and points of interconnection to the PSTN. 
  • Backup protection networks.

I-Gate PRO and EDGE Media Gateways enable carriers to deliver toll quality voice over TDM circuits with up to 93% bandwidth savings.

 I-Gate 4000 Media Gateway family consists of: 

  • I-Gate 4000 EDGE:  Supporting up to 16E1’s or 20 T1’s in a compact 1U form factor.
  • I-Gate 4000 PRO:  Using a modular slot in card approach to facilitate both E1/T1 and STM-1 / OC3 connectivity (up to 8 optical and 192 E1 / T1’s) along with a varying degree of voice compression enabled via DSP resource cards.   

The I-Gate family can also be used in conjunction with the Dialogic ControlSwitch System to build a distributed next generation voice switching solution.  This facilitates local switching and compression of traffic without the need to backhaul to traffic to the location of the softswitch.  For more details on this solution please refer to the Dialogic Control Switch.


For voice compression solutions to optimise VoIP traffic refer to the I-Gate 4000 SBO-CX and for mobile backhaul (Abis and Iub data) please refer to I-Gate 4000 MB.

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