Dialogic I-Gate 4000 SIP Gateway

I-Gate 4000 SIP Gateway


The I-Gate® 4000 SIP Gateway enables service providers to reduce the cost of supplying voice services to enterprise customers using legacy TDM PBXs by allowing them to access IP and SIP-based services. In addition, multi-site enterprises can use the I-Gate 4000 SIP Gateway to interconnect locations that are still using legacy TDM voice switches with other sites that have already been migrated to VoIP.

The I-Gate 4000 SIP Gateway can be deployed in a fully redundant configuration providing six-nines reliability and high availability. Its support for full system redundancy is without comparison, and lack of full redundancy means typically having to settle for availability below five-nines. High reliability is especially important because the I-Gate 4000 SIP Gateway is often placed at the customer premise, where access may be difficult and time-consuming.


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Key Features

Can be configured for six-nines reliability

Supports zero-downtime applications

Up to 16:1 compression with high voice quality

Includes industry-leading voice compression while maintaining toll quality

Maintains call processing performance, voice quality, and compression rates, even at maximum load

Provides sustained performance

Supports a comprehensive set of digit handling, call routing and IP QoS features

Delivers a high degree of flexibility and optimized performance

GUI-based xMS management system

Allows easy configuration and management

Open architecture and standards compliance

Enables multi-vendor interoperability

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