Dialogic MSP 1010 Multi-Services Platform


The Dialogic® MSP 1010 Multi-Services Platform is a flexible, high-density media resource platform with integrated signaling capabilities, which is designed to enable developers to bring new services to market quickly and cost-effectively. The MSP 1010 is suitable for deployment in TDM, IP, and converged networks as a service node, intelligent peripheral, and application server. The MSP 1010 offers a modern, modular design in a small (1U) footprint with an excellent price/performance ratio, easy scalability, and GUI-based installation and maintenance.

The Dialogic® MSP 1010 can serve as a single development environment for both media processing and signaling traffic. This versatility allows the development of many types of revenue-generating services quickly for both legacy and next-generation networks.

Applications that can be deployed with the Dialogic® MSP 1010 include color ring back tone (CRBT), prepaid voice and data services, directory assistance, call centers, PBX and IP-Centrex, IVR, voice mail, and conferencing solutions. Also supported are a wide range of services based on SS7 monitoring, including welcome roamer, missed call alert, location based services (LBS) and signaling services such as SMS-C, SMS Router, IN applications, and signaling converters.

The Dialogic® MSP 1010 includes the Dialogic® Programmable Protocol Language (PPL), which is GUI-based protocol development software. PPL allows developers to create and/or customize signaling variants rapidly in the lab or in the field, significantly improving deployment time and expediting network compliance. For example, developers can customize SS7 support for local variants prior to deployment, dramatically accelerating time-to-market.

PPL can also automatically convert a graphical state machine flow chart into a state table configuration that can be downloaded and activated in the Dialogic® MSP 1010.

Key Features




Integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for real-time file recording, playback, conferencing, DTMF processing, echo cancellation, and T.30 fax

Allows the development of advanced voice-based applications with rich media processing capabilities

Integrated VoIP module for transcoding PCM-coded traffic to most common IP coders

Enables the development of next-generation services over IP or converged networks, and next-generation applications on a single platform; makes the use of external gateways for interfacing with IP networks unnecessary

Integrated signaling and call control protocols for circuit- and packet-switched networks

Allows service providers to implement a complete voice-based and/or signaling service on a single platform, reducing costs and development time

Includes non-intrusive SS7 monitoring probe with 16 configurable embedded filters

Lets service providers implement a wide variety of applications and facilities such as welcome roamer and missed call alert services, optimal routing, network billing solutions, and network performance monitoring tools

One MSP 1010 can control up to 16 other MSP 1010 units

Enables a small, entry-level deployment to scale capacity easily and seamlessly as demand grows with no changes to network architecture

 Carrier-ready platform Supports highly reliable and resilient systems for high-availability services

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