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SpeechSoft is a global provider of computer telephony software and complete solutions.

SpeechSoft, Inc. has been developing and selling telephony automation software since 1987. Our extensive industry experience has enabled us to provide cost-effective telephony solutions to our customers in many industries. We continue to partner with industry leaders Microsoft and Dialogic to provide leading-edge solutions.


Our award winning telephony software products CALLMaster and CALLMaster IP for Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista and 2003/2008 Server, are feature rich, easy to use, enhance productivity, and improve customer service. SpeechSoft products have garnered several telephony awards for it's high reliability and price performance capabilities. Our solutions are sold globally to VARs, Interconnects, Integrators, Distributors and End-Users

CALLMaster server software for HMP & Springware platform, supports VoIP, T1/PRI, Digital PBX or Analog lines.  SQL2008  based, multilingual inbound/outbound calling with fax, IVR, Call routing, email/voicemail/notification, VMWare supported.

Solution Focus:
Network Switching, Signaling, Application Development