Dialogic Brooktrout SDK and Dialogic Brooktrout Bfv API

BrookTrout SDK


The Dialogic Brooktrout Software Development Kit (SDK) provides application development support via the Dialogic Brooktrout Bfv Application Programming Interface (API) for the Dialogic® Brooktrout® SR140, TR1034, and TruFax® fax product lines.  Support is available across multiple operating system environments (please consult the product datasheets for specific product features and OS support). 

SDK releases with major features are made available to existing customers approximately every 6 to 12 months.  New SDKs are backward compatible / binary compatible to existing SDKs. SDK maintenance releases may be made available to existing customers as needed throughout the year.  The Brooktrout SDK is available for download to customers with valid support contracts.  For more information contact your local Dialogic Sales Representative or call +1 (800) 755-4444 (North America only). Worldwide contact information is available online.

The Brooktrout Bfv API provides a set of functions that enables applications programmers to write telephony- or packet-network applications that run on Brooktrout SR140 fax software or Brooktrout TR1034 and TruFax fax boards. Using the Bfv API, programmers can generate sophisticated, multichannel fax applications under Linux, Solaris, and Windows® operating systems.

The Brooktrout Bfv API is a flexible interface that provides both a high-level interface to allow partners to quickly integrate their applications as well as a much more detailed interface to accommodate those application partners that need a greater amount of control.  Specifically, the Brooktrout Bfv API functions are separated into four categories:

a) Configuration, Administration, and Management
b) Call Control
c) Media Processing
d) File Format Manipulation

In addition to these functions, the Brooktrout SDK also supplies macros that provide information or perform specific tasks, sample code to facilitate customers' adaptation, and complete documentation. 

Key Features

Single SDK for all Brooktrout fax products

Support for Linux, Solaris, and Windows

Backward compatibility

Both high-level and low-level interface options

Macros, sample code, and complete documentation Included


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