Customer Success

TELES logo

“The close relationship between TELES and Dialogic is built on years of excellent collaboration, and integrating Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS into the TELES Cloud UC Services platform allows us to provide our customers with a video conferencing solution that meets the demands of a modern office day,”

Oliver Olbrich

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“We selected the Dialogic BorderNet SBC because of our wide-ranging requirements from support of SIP Trunking, UCaaS, and Hosted PBX to Carrier Interconnect. We wanted High Scalability and high-end security with support for encryption / IPsec and we wanted that in a single SBC software “platform” that we could easily deploy as a virtualized SBC in both our private cloud as well as in Amazon as our business evolves.”

Steve Weltner
Vice President of Product Management at NETRIO

Read the press release: NETRIO chooses the Dialogic® BorderNet™ Session Border Controller for both its enterprise and service provider networks

Epsilon logo

“We chose the BorderNet SBC because of its reduced CAPEX and OPEX profile and because it enables us to accelerate time to revenue through virtualization and automation by integrating with our on-demand platform called Infiny. The integrated Dialogic Analytics system was another key business driver to select the Dialogic solution.”

Ms Vibeke Harder
Director of Operations and Engineering at Epsilon

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Dialogic Customer Success - IPCO

"The Dialogic solutions fit right into our current infrastructure and add tremendous flexibility for us to deliver innovative, scalable, and rock-solid services to our customers. We’ve found Dialogic to have an excellent mix of proven technology and the forward-thinking people that we are confident will give IPCO a unique value proposition in the market now and in the future."

Ole Jakob Ottestad

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Viber chooses Dialogic

"We selected the Dialogic ControlSwitch and BorderNet SBC because of the platform’s call routing, policy engines, software-based transcoding, and because it is proven in the field. The ability to scale the system up and down in the cloud, as well as the ability to enable high quality calls were key in the decision making process for us."

Matan Barth
Head of Off Net Services at Viber

Read the press release: Viber chooses Dialogic’s Cloud-Based SoftSwitch and SBC for its Voice Core Infrastructure

Telzar customer success with Dialogic

"We were looking for a solution that would help reduce complexity and improve our ability to deliver services to our mobile customers. After working with Dialogic to upgrade our infrastructure and develop modern applications to support our mobile subscribers, we have been able to handle a 50% increase in our customer base in under five months."

Azarya Sela
CEO of Telzar

Read the press release: Dialogic Applications Help 019 Telzar Expand Subscriber Base and Improve Reliability

"We chose the PowerVille VIVR because it saves time for our clients’ customer care agents and their customers compared to a regular IVR system."

Xavier Sans
CTO at Monsan

Read the press release: Monsan Chooses Dialogic PowerVille Visual IVR to Offer Advanced Customer Care Applications

Quobis and Dialogic

"Recording and archival of the transaction was a critical requirement to achieve compliance with AML/CFT and Dialogic PowerMedia XMS was an important ingredient."

Read the press release: Dialogic and Quobis Deliver Video Solution to Enable Mobile Identity Verification in Banking

Elias Pérez Carrera
CEO of Quobis

Xfone chooses Dialogic Bordernet 4000 SBC

"We selected the Dialogic BorderNet 4000 because of its state-of-the-art GUI, advanced routing capabilities, and because its SIP interworking tools allowed us to meet our operational cost goals."

Boaz Lowenstein
CTO at Xfone

Read the press release: Xfone chooses Dialogic’s SBC Platform for its International Voice Networks

Lipigas selects Dialogic PowerVille VIVR

Lipigas’ deployment of PowerVille Visual IVR is a great example of how innovative companies across all enterprise sectors are engaging customers in new ways that combine self-service with real-time voice, video, and mobility to improve first call resolution rates, increase customer satisfaction, and free up live agent resources.

Read the press release: Lipigas Delivers Enhanced Interactive and Visual Mobile Self-Service Portal Using Joint Visual IVR Solution From Dialogic and Telectronic

Agnity  chooses Dialogic PowerMedia XMS

"Our unique multi-network design not only handles the routing traffic from both IMS and SS7 networks but also guarantees unparalleled reliability in processing multi-million transactions per day needed by tier-1 CSPs. We are also extremely delighted with the role of Dialogic in the implementation of this project.”

Sanjeev Chawla
CEO at AGNITY Global Inc,

Read the press release: AGNITY Global Deploys Advanced Routing Applications in North America

Partitionware Selects Dialogic® DSI STP Solution

"Dialogic’s DSI signaling products have always been key to providing robust and scalable services to our customers, so they were an obvious choice when selecting an STP vendor. Their STP provides us with an agile foundation for rapid business growth, while retaining the flexibility and reliability we have come to rely on."

Mike Bromwich
CEO of Partitionware

Read the press release: Partitionware Selects Dialogic® DSI STP Solution to Extend Networking Services

SoftBank Deploys Large-Scale WebRTC-Based Conferencing Application Enabled by Dialogic

"As SoftBank holds regular sales and training conferences with many of our 17,000 employees in Japan, our need for  conferencing and collaboration is critical to our business. We found Dialogic PowerMedia XMS to be an excellent fit for our conferencing infrastructure upgrade as its performance, scaling, and reliability meets our needs."

Read the press release: SoftBank Deploys Large-Scale WebRTC-Based Conferencing Application Enabled by Dialogic

Yosuke Ochiai
Manager of Multimedia Development at SoftBank’s Information System Division

Dialogic Customer Success - XO Communications

“We are pleased to incorporate the Dialogic solution to support the transformation of our hosted voice applications to a virtualized platform. The Dialogic platform enables us to rapidly introduce next-generation applications to our customers.”

Read the press release: XO Communications Selects Dialogic to Transform to a Virtual Platform

Amador Lucero
Chief Operating Officer at XO Communications

Dialogic and Mitel

“I am very pleased to announce that several key deployments have highlighted Mitel’s and Dialogic’s significant partnership success, and have empowered our customers to introduce new revenue-generating applications such as the Mitel converged voice and video mail solution and our IMS PBX solution.”

Read the press release: Mitel and Dialogic Partnership Wins Six New Customers on Four Continents

BG Kumar
President of Mitel’s Mobile Division

TeleStax and Dialogic

“The partnership with Dialogic enables TeleStax to enter new markets from a position of strength to extend mission-critical solutions to the enterprise and telecoms marketplace.”

Read the press release: Dialogic and TeleStax Team-up to Bring Next-Generation Communications Solutions to the Enterprise

Ivelin Ivanov
CEO of TeleStax

ADG LDI logo

“We selected Dialogic because its products and services will allow us to replace our legacy Cisco switching technology with minimal network disruption, and seamless interworking with our deployed base of Cisco AS5400XM Universal Gateways.”

Read the press release: ADG LDI (Pvt.) Ltd Chooses Dialogic to Upgrade its Core Voice Switching Infrastructure

Muhammad Usman Hassan
Chief Operating Officer at ADG

Penta Corporation and Dialogic

“Dialogic’s PowerMedia technology provides us the rock-solid platform for building our high-reliability dispatch system that transit systems demand, including a recent installation at a major commuter rail line in the Northeast...With this solution from Dialogic, we have a platform that will take us into the future.”

Read the press release: Penta Selects Dialogic for Large Commuter Rail Communications Platform

Herb Forster
General Manager of Penta Communications

Xfone chooses Dialogic Bordernet 4000 SBC

"BBVA has significant goals to grow its customer base; and making the new customer onboarding process easy and secure is an important part of its strategy"

Soto Mata 
Chief Marketing Officer at Quobis

Read the case study: BBVA Verifies Identities with WebRTC from Oracle and Dialogic

“The ability to initiate a video or data collaboration on an established chat or voice communication with a customer while accessing a website, helps to improve customer retention, loyalty, and first call resolution. With the introduction of Interactive Video Response in CT WebRTC as well as data sharing, I believe we are facilitating virtual assistance services with contextual and efficient information.”

Read the press release: CentralTouch Extends Unified Communication Contact Centre Functionality with WebRTC to Midsize and Enterprise Businesses using Dialogic XMS Media Server

Hassan Firouzbakht
Chief Technical Officer at CentralTouch Technology

MediaInteractive and Dialogic

“Our WebRTC-based collaboration suite contains customized data and workflow support as well as strong connectivity with existing mobile and VoIP devices. Server side WebRTC features are key to providing a secure and robust Private Cloud solution. Dialogic has provided us with the solutions to support these features that are crucial to our business strategy.”

Read the press release: MediaInteractive Chooses Dialogic PowerMedia XMS for Collaboration Solution in Energy Sector

Mirko Orehek
CTO of MediaInteractive

ECT logo

"We are seeing an increasing interest in WebRTC initiatives from top-tiers operators worldwide. Using PowerMedia™ Software with the INtellECT® WebRTC Solution makes the transcoding and the media processing (e.g., for video calls) recording easy and efficient. Dialogic is long-term partner of ours and its technology enables many ECT solutions.”

Metin Sezer
Director New Products at ECT

Read the press release: ECT solution to deploy WebRTC-enhanced voice and video toll free services enabled by Dialogic PowerMedia™ Software

ICN -Dialogic Customer Success

“We chose Dialogic because it offered us an end-to-end solution with true redundancy and scalability that would work seamlessly with our Mobile Number Portability (MNP) platform provided by Ericsson...”

Read the press release: Interconnect Clearinghouse Nigeria Chooses Dialogic to Deliver Interconnection Services in Africa

Uche Onwudiwe
Chief Operatingl Officer at ICN

PTGi-ICS - Dialogic Customer Success

“The ROI made sense; we were able to consolidate multiple switching platforms at several POP locations that we anticipate will help us reduce space, power and operational overhead and still improve the overall availability and performance.”

Read the press release: PTGi-ICS Selects Dialogic’s ControlSwitch System to Transform Its Network

Craig Denson
President of PTGi-ICS

VoltDelta Expands Call Center Offerings with Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS

“Our call centers can’t fail our customers even once. That’s why we love working with Dialogic; the PowerMedia XMS never lets us down. PowerMedia XMS provides compelling capabilities and performance required to deliver reliable cloud contact center customer care at any call or message volume.”

Read the press release: VoltDelta Expands Call Center Offerings with Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS

Rich Oldach
President of VoltDelta Resources


DollarPhone - Dialogic Customer Success

“With more than 1,000 calling card products and 200 wholesale carrier relationships, the ControlSwitch allows us to architect a reliable network with the geographic diversity we need.”

Read the press release: DollarPhone Expands Prepaid and Wholesale Offerings with Enhanced Dialogic ControlSwitch

Josh Zaidman
Chief Technology Officer at DollarPhone

CreaLog - Dialogic Customer Success

“Our top-tier carrier and banking industry clients have to constantly stay ahead of their competition with new ways to improve customer retention. Hassle-free, face-to-face customer service calls are on the top of the must-have list. In less than a month of development time, Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS with WebRTC gave us a smart and efficient way to add video to our CreaLog Contact Center Software.”

Read the press release: CreaLog Improves Call Center Technology with Dialogic’s PowerMedia XMS

Michael Kloos
Managing Director at CreaLog

MPT Customer Success

“With the market opening up, we looked for a solution that would give us the geographic redundancy, scalability, and unique bandwidth optimization necessary to stay competitive. We saw how other carriers were benefiting from Dialogic’s technology, and knew it was the best solution to help MPT modernize our network while continuing to ensure reliable service for customers.”

Read the press release: Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (MPT) Modernizes Network with Dialogic NGN Infrastructure Solutions


ZRG- Dialogic Customer Success

“The market demands the most flexible CTI and contact center technology with customized end-user business applications, and Dialogic made sure ZRG can deliver it.”

Read the press release: ZRG International Transforms Contact Centers with Dialogic PowerMedia HMP

Arif Butt
Executive Director of ZRG International

Brightlink Communications

“Dialogic’s equipment gives us the competitive advantage and flexibility to serve our customers without downtime.  In order to improve service quality and reduce backhaul costs, Brightlink is eager to deploy more BorderNet SBCs throughout the country to be closer to our customers.”

Read the press release: Dialogic, Brightlink Communications Supercharges IP Traffic with Dialogic SBCs

Joe White
Vice President at Brightlink Communications

Gintel - Dialogic Customer Success

“Prior to the upgrade, our existing solution, also based on Gintel and Dialogic, had been in service for more than five years – it was essential that migration to the new infrastructure didn’t disrupt our services. Thanks to the efforts of the team, we had a graceful transition and our customers continued to enjoy the service levels and reliability they expect.”

Read the press release: Dialogic, Gintel Upgrade Network Norway without Service Interruption

Stig Roberg
Product Manager at Network Norway - Dialogic Customer Success

 “Dialogic’s technology experts helped us maximize the benefits of our SS7 interconnections. The comprehensive capabilities of the Dialogic solution along with the training and post-sales support allowed us to rapidly deploy without expanding our operations workforce or outsourcing to a third party.” 

Read the press release: Selects Dialogic to Energize Carrier Texting Worldwide

Sisco Sapena
CEO of

Telekom Slovenije - Dialogic Customer Success

“The BorderNet 4000 SBC was the best platform of choice in our case; it gave us the level of integration into our control layer domain we needed, resilience, and session performance we needed to effectively exchange traffic with our interconnect partners.”

Read the press release:Telekom Slovenije Selects Dialogic to Supercharge Converged Multimedia Network Subsystems

Matjaž Beričič
Converged Core Network Director for Telekom Slovenije

Teleena - Dialogic Customer Success

“Dialogic’s team completed installation without any impact to our MVNO customers, which now enjoy improved system reliability and service quality.” 

Read the press release: Dialogic, Teleena to Deliver Increased Capacity to Mobile Virtual Network Operator Customers

Rob Snijder
Chief Technology Officer at Teleena

Turkcell - Dialogic Customer Success

“Dialogic’s experience with successfully transitioning service providers like us from end-of-life legacy switching platforms made us confident our customers would be minimally impacted. Our VoIP business will continue to grow long-term with Dialogic’s solutions and support.”

Read the press release: Turkcell Superonline Transforms IP Multimedia System with Dialogic Softswitch

Barboros Özdemir
Director of Corporate Business Management at Turkcell