Dialogic DSI SS7MDL4 Network Interface Board

DSI SS7MDL4 Signalling Board


The Dialogic® DSI SS7MDL4 Network Interface Board offers multiple levels of signaling link density for SS7 and ATM networks in rack-mount servers with low-profile or full-height PCI Express peripheral slots. Flexible capacity licensing enables message processing from 16 to 124 low-speed links or 2 or 4 high-speed MTP or ATM links.

The DSI SS7MDL4 supports the Dialogic® Distributed Signaling Interface (DSI) SS7 Protocol Stack, allowing API-level compatibility with applications developed for other DSI network interface boards including Dialogic® DSI SS7HD and DSI SPCI Network Interface Boards. Application development for the DSI SS7MDL4 is accelerated by a comprehensive suite of test utilities, sample code, and user-part programming guides.

The DSI SS7MDL4 delivers the high-capacity message-signaling-units-per-second performance required for demanding value-added services such as messaging, call completion/prepaid calling, roaming, and intelligent network applications.

Flexible Licensing

The DSI SS7MDL4 can be licensed and deployed with a number of different link capacities and network protocols to allow scaled pricing to match various levels of throughput. See the table of order codes at the end of this datasheet for a list of options.

Key Features

16 to 124 low-speed MTP links; 2 or 4 high-speed (2 Mbps) MTP links

Applies the same technology to large and small volume nodes

2 or 4 ATM links with IMA capability

Expands service deployment opportunities to ATM networks using the cost-effective technology (IMA) for cell transmission

Message rates of 20,000 MSU/second

Delivers performance capacity to meet high call volumes and demanding transaction-intensive services

High-impedance (HiZ) connectivity

Enables passive MTP or ATM traffic monitoring

Low-profile, PCI Express form factor with alternate full-height bracket

Supports rack-mount servers designed for small footprint peripherals


Product Highlights
Digital interfaces
  • 4 T1, E1, J1 (software selectable on a per trunk basis)
  • High impedance selectable for monitoring
  • Selectable synchronization source from any line interface
Telecom clock management
  • Configurable LT (clock slave) or NT (clock master) mode
  • Internal and external loop back capability
Pulse mask
  • T1 ANSI T1.403
  • E1 ITU-T G.703
  • J1 TTC JT-G.703
Data rate
  • T1 1544 Kb/s ± 50 ppm
  • E1 2048 Kb/s ± 50 ppm
  • J1 1544 kbits/s ± 50 ppm
Frame format
  • T1 : F4, D3/D4, ESF and F72/SLC96
  • E1 : E1 and E1-CRC4
  • J1 : J1 frame format
Line codes HDB3, B8ZS, AMI
Connector type RJ-45
Maximum boards/system


Host interface
  • PCI Express compatible as a 4-lane (x4) physical form factor with a single lane connected that can be installed in 4, 8, or 16 lane PCI Express slots
  • Bus speed 1 x PCI-Express lane (2.5 Gb/s, full-duplex)
Channelized links   16 to 124 channelized 64 Kb/s MTP low-speed links (LSL)
High-speed links
  • 2 or 4 high-speed, Q.703 links (HSL), framed T1/E1
  • 2 or 4 ATM links, AAL5 with IMA capability
Link configuration Selection between low-speed links and high-speed links is made via software on a per trunk basis
Protocol execution MTP2 on board, higher levels on host
Network protocol execution
  • Q.SAAL/GR-2878
  • SS7 (MTP1 & MTP2)HDLC monitoring
 HDLC monitoring  Passive monitoring of HDLC format data links, including SS7, LAPB, LAPD, ISDN, and DPNSS
 Form factor  Low-profile
  • 2.7 in. (6.89 cm) long
  • 6.6 in. (16.76 cm) high
Power Requirements  
  • +12 VDC, 1.1 A typical, 1.4 A max
  • Power dissipation 17 W max
Environmental Requirements  
Operating temperature  0° C to +55° C
Air flow  1.5 m/s min (300 LFM)
Storage temperature  –20° C to +70° C
Relative humidity  5% to 95% non-condensing
Altitude  0 to 15,000 ft


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Ordering Information

Use the Purchase page linked below to find partners to purchase Dialogic products. The order codes below are for your reference when making a purchase.

Where to Buy
ProductOrder CodeDescription



PCI Express, low profile, 4 ports



16 LSL



32 LSL



64 LSL, 2 MTP or ATM HSL



128 LSL, 4 MTP or ATM HSL



256 LSL, 8 MTP or ATM HSL

Ordering Notes

MTP and ATM HSL may be configured per span

LSL may be configured per channel

Monitoring is enabled with each license at twice the number of links indicated