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As of January 9th, 2018, the following product lines are now carried by Sangoma Technologies:
  • DMG Series of Enterprise Media Gateways
  • IMG Series of Media Gateways
  • Media and Network Interface Cards (JCT, Diva, CG, DNI, Eiconcards)
  • Diva High Density Modems

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Install or Update Diva SDK DLLs
How to register/de-register the Diva Component API

Diva SDK with Dialogic HMP - using two SIP registrars

Error Messages
Message 'Can not initialize GC: GC=140'

Diva SDK and HMP Diagnostics
How to generate traces for SDK issues in Linux
Troubleshooting Diva SDK fax issues
Reporting SDK issues to Dialogic Support
How to generate traces for SDK issues in Windows

Detect end of voice recording
Audio data streaming in SDK
Voice activity detection in SDK
Diva SDK and SIT
Diva SDK call progress
Diva SDK reject incoming call
SDK: Fax CED and CNG tones
DTMF, continuous and generic tones
SDK samples
SDK: GSM data calls
SDK: silence detection without DSPs
SDK: Change DTMF detection sensitivity
VOX and VAP files
SDK: WAV files
SDK: Convert audio files - DivaConv
SDK & CAPI: Using Analog 4P card
SDK: detect fax call
Using FaxHeadLine
TIFF formats
Dialogic Diva SDK DLLs and files - background information
Making a Call Using DivaCreateCall and DivaDial
Determining what HMP Features are available for the Diva SDK
Processing Received DTMF Using DivaSetDTMFProcessingRules
Ways to Process Incoming DTMF in the Diva SDK
Using the Generic Tone Detector
Using DivaSendVoiceEx to send multiple voice prompts together
C# sample: 'SimpleIVR'
Reading Channel Status for Analog Ports
Which Diva SDK API for Visual C#?
'SimplePhone' sample with 'APSoundDevice' Audio Provider

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