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Find the Serial Number

Outbound ISDN calls fail due to NAI value
Point Codes and Dialogic Signaling Products
Using Differentiated Service (DiffServ or DSCP) rather than TOS
How to create a dummy Calling Party Number
Alternate odd/even hunting option in a channel group.
International SIP to SS7 NOA conversion
Using wildcard translations
Country specific ringback tones
How to assign different TDM profiles to different E1/T1 spans
How to change VoIP (SIP and/or RTP) IP addresses on the IMG2020
How to add additional VoIP resources after a license upgrade
How to Change T7 Timer in the SS7 ISDN User Part

How to reset a telnet session
Release Reason / Cause Code Translation
Ethernet Redundancy on the IMG 1010 and IMG 2020
How to backup IMG 2020 and EMS server
How to exit from an SSH session
IMG resets unexpectedly when configured as a peer for SS7 redundancy
What does an SS7 CIC status of transient mean?

Error Messages
Troubleshooting Gateway Alarm - Gateway Status: Reachable but UnAvailable
Calls rejected due to "No Match" in translation tables
GCL Rejects Incoming Calls With Cause Value 42 (Switching Equipment Congestion)
'DisplayIE truncated, too long' message
Maintenance Busy / T309 Expired
ERROR: SDP m line (audio) decoding failed
'SIP Err: decoding failed' in call trace

How to troubleshoot IMG number translation issues
ISUP PROT VIOL Output in the CLI Terminal
SS7 MTP2/MTP3 Troubleshooting
How to capture and dump a task that is interrupting the CPU
How to prevent SIP calls that are on hold from releasing after five minutes
Fax completes at speed of 9600, but T.38 indicates speed of 14,400
IMG cooling fan testing
No SS7 signaling in call trace on remote IMG
IMG unexpectedly releases H.323 call
RFC2833 digits not propagated in a SIP <-> TDM call

Sending SNMP Traps from a Dialogic IMG Integrated Media Gateway
How to analyze an SS7 ISUP Trace
How to enable port mirroring / snooping
IMG call trace viewer
How to view ISDN & SS7 traces using Wireshark
Example call trace with notes
IMGtools application

Service Center Logon