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What does an SS7 CIC status of transient mean?

What does an SS7 CIC status of 'Transient' mean?

A CIC status of Transient means that the CIC is in a state awaiting a response from the Network. A CIC will be in the transient state if any of the following messages have been sent by the Dialogic product but no response has been received yet.

The message for Dialogic® CSP Converged Services Platform and Dialogic® MSP Multi-Services Platform is the message type 0x67 SS7CICQuery. Refer to this message at the following links for more information on this message.

Product List
Dialogic® CSP Converged Services Platform
Dialogic® MSP Multi-Services Platform
Dialogic® IMG Integrated Media Gateway
Dialogic® IMG 2020 Integrated Media Gateway (IMG 2020), formerly referred to as Dialogic® BorderNet™ 2020 Session Border Controller

Glossary of Acronyms / Terms

CIC - Circuit Identification Code
GRA = Group Reset Acknowledgement
RLC = Release Complete
CGUA = Circuit Group Unblock Acknowledgment
BLA = Blocking Acknowledgement
UBA = Unblocking Acknowledgement
ACM = Address Complete Message
CRA = Circuit Reservation Acknowledgment


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