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Dialogic® PowerMedia™ Extended Media Server (PowerMedia XMS)

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Before you start
Server requirements for using 720p video with PowerMedia XMS 2.0
Check for package dependencies for the PowerMedia??? XMS RPM install

Unable to Connect to PowerMedia XMS WebAdmin or to connect REST Client
PowerMedia installation fails even if all the dependant packages are installed
PowerMedia XMS 3.0 firewall configuration on CentOS 7 / RHEL 7

How to limit the size of your syslog files
Media server fails to properly route RTP packets in load balancing mode
Tuning tips for servers and virtual machines to achieve low latency
How to disable optional services from starting up
How to configure restricted access to specified hosts in PowerMedia XMS
Using rfc5766-turn-server with Dialogic PowerMedia XMS and WebRTC
Transfer XMS configuration/settings between servers

XMS no longer able to handle calls after changing license

Streaming RTSP and Dialogic PowerMedia - A How-To Guide
An Offline Utility for PowerMedia XMS Dynamic Image and Menu Generation
PowerMedia XMS VXML VoiceMail Demo - How to record a message and play it back using VXML
Why are there two web servers running on PowerMedia XMS?
Dialogic?? PowerMedia?? XMS and 2016 Leap Second

Error Messages
PowerMedia XMS Native MSML: Invalid audio mimetype parameters

Extracting MSML xml code from packet captures
Voice Quality and Network Errors seen when using PowerMedia XMS on systems using a BroadCom NIC
Video quality issues seen on Softphones when connecting to XMS or HMP
XMS web Interface not available after yum update
Disable encryption in Chrome Canary release
Incoming IP traffic not received by XMS

How to enable and collect logs for troubleshooting purposes
How to collect core dump from xmsrest process?
Useful Scripts to monitor, administer and debug XMS

PowerMedia XMS RESTful C# demo
Using XMLBeans to Simplify PowerMedia XMS RESTful Application Programming in Java
Getting Started with XMS REST Application Development using Sample XMS Java Client Library
XMSEchoTest - XMS Java Client Library Sample - for REST Application Development
PowerMedia XMS 2.4 RESTful 3gpp recording demo
How to Run the Sample XMS Java Client Library in Eclipse
How to create JAXB classes in Client Library using msml xsd file
Playing multiple URIs in a single play request using the RESTful API
Default recording paths when using VXML interface in XMS 2.2.
XMS 2.2 RESTful demo for C# Part 1
XMS 2.2 RESTful demo for C# Part 2