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Dialogic® PowerMedia™ HMP - Linux

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Before you start
Migrating an Application from Media Boards with Dialogic?? DM3 Architecture to Dialogic?? PowerMedia??? Host Media Processing Software (PowerMedia HMP).
Ordering SIP trunks from Internet telephony service provider

HMP licenses cannot be activated on some Dell Poweredge servers
Installing HMP 4.1 on Red Hat 6 update 2
PowerMedia installation fails even if all the dependant packages are installed
HMP for Linux installation exits with an error

How to limit the size of your syslog files
Traversing HMP calls through NATs and Firewalls
Configuring Cisco Unified Communications Manager to route SIP calls with HMP
Power Budgeting Jumper Settings for PCI Express Boards
Setting ISDN Bearer Capabilities for 3G
Web server issues on HMP for Linux server
Failure to start with 120 channels or more
Configuring a Cisco Voice Gateway to Route to HMP
Establishing an MRCP TTS session with Loquendo Speech Suite 7.0
Changes in config and FCD files get overwritten upon dlstart
How to preserve custom configuration settings when upgrading HMP software
Batch Converting 3GP video files to Dialogic Video Format
HMP 4.1 Speed Control Enablement
Media server fails to properly route RTP packets in load balancing mode
Tuning tips for servers and virtual machines to achieve low latency

Additive Licensing FAQ

AMR codec support in first party call control (1PCC)

Error Messages
DNI board occasionally fails to start.
Errors when adding a new party to a conference using the DCB API
Error KILLTASK using Conference API
Boards fail download after applying Linux kernel updates

HMP is unable to answer a call with gc_AnswerCall returning a GCEV_TASKFAIL
A console based recording utility - mrecorder
How to install 32-bit HMP 4.1 version on 64-bit Linux system for troubleshooting purposes on SU115 or higher
Extracting MSML xml code from packet captures
Video quality issues seen on Softphones when connecting to XMS or HMP
How to find the offset for the data in a WAV file
Dialogic Device Discovery
Decoding an IP address within RTF logs
Enable m3g Trace to capture and view a video stream from/to a 3G endpoint
Stuttering audio on UIO play
Function calls take a long time to return or logging stops on Linux

Audio files for issue diagnosis - format
Understanding DebugAngel Additional Configuration

Making dx_play() louder on HMP
Generating Zip Tone with DISI and HDSI boards
How to modify tone definitions - DM3/HMP vs JCT
Sample MSML Script Using SIPP To Run Against PowerMedia HMP or XMS MSML Server
How to send or receive large SIP messages by changing the send/receive buffer size
How to process a re-INVITE Request
Is inbound call video or audio? Make a video call
Runtime Controls and Recording Lengths in HMP 3.1
Comfort Noise Generation Seed Parameter on Conferencing Media Loads
Sending re-Invite without SDP in 3PCC mode
Received fax contains black pages
Handling of RTN messages in HMP Fax
How to switch from audio to T.38 fax mode
Unexpected and/or missing TEC_VAD event
Starting point for 3PCC mode with HMP
Why successful IP blind transfers return errors
Using G.723 for Native Play or Record on HMP 3.1
How to shut-down HMP based multimedia server
Using HMP sdpapi library for dynamic payload types
How to Create Multimedia Menus
HMP Blind Transfer Sample Application
Device Management API Connection Types
Initialization Macros in the Multimedia API
How to enable Call Transfers on HMP