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Default recording paths when using VXML interface in XMS 2.2.

When using VXML on Dialogic® PowerMedia™ XMS 2.2, recordings may fail due to a bad audio path; however, the same script works fine in previous releases of PowerMedia XMS. 

When installing PowerMedia XMS, the following folders are created by default and all the recordings go into respective folders based on the locale used in the VXML script.

 drwxr-xr-x. 2 root root 4096 Sep 23 14:21 zh-cn
drwxr-xr-x. 8 root root 4096 Sep 23 14:33 en-US
drw-r--r--. 3 root root 4096 Sep 23 14:38 zh-CN
drw-r--r--. 3 root root 4096 Sep 23 14:38 sp-SP

As PowerMedia XMS supports language customization, different locale values (other than the above ones) can be specified. In this scenario, the recordings will be stored differently depending on which version of PowerMedia XMS is used. For example, when a VXML script uses language attributes where xml:lang="es" for Spanish,

  • Up to PowerMedia XMS 2.2.7704, all the recordings are stored in the /var/lib/xms/media/en-US/ folder
  • From PowerMedia XMS 2.2.8396 and all subsequent 2.2 releases, all the recordings will fail since the behavior of PowerMedia XMS is to try to store the recording based on the locale value, and by default /var/lib/xms/media/es/ folder is not created. Therefore, it is necessary to create the es folder manually. If not, the failure can be seen in the debug log files as shown below:
2014-10-14 00:44:50.224036 DEBUG FileRecorder::FileRecorder()
2014-10-14 00:44:50.224082 DEBUG FileRecorder::init() audio mimetype: "audio/x-wav"; params: "codec"="L8" "rate"="8000"
2014-10-14 00:44:50.224133 ERROR FileRecorder::init() bad audio file path: "/var/lib/xms/media/es/recorded"
2014-10-14 00:44:50.224194 DEBUG FileRecorder::~FileRecorder()
  • In PowerMedia XMS 2.3, PowerMedia XMS will automatically create the folder /var/lib/xms/media/es/ when using xms:lang=”es” if the folder does not exist.

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First published: 12-Dec-2014
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