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How to add additional VoIP resources after a license upgrade


If the number of VoIP resources has increased following a license upgrade, or if there is an incorrect number of channels in the existing configuration, the number of IP channels configured in a VoIP module in the "Packet Facility" object on the Dialogic® IMG 2020 Integrated Media Gateway (IMG 2020) may need to be changed. 

This article describes the steps to delete and re-add the packet facility object with correct number of channels.


1- First save the current configuration using File > Save in the WebUI.

2- Delete all "Node Assoc:" (Node Association) objects from all SIP gateways in Channel groups and make sure there are no remaining "Node Assoc" objects in Channel Groups > Channel Group (SIP) > IP Network Element > Node Association.

3- Click on "Channel Groups> Download resource tables".

4- Delete Packet Facility (e.g., Packet_Facility1) object from the IMG 2020.

5- Re-add the Packet Facility object under the IMG 2020 with the correct number of IP channels according to the IMG 2020's IP Ports license. 

6- Re-add all "Node Assoc:"  under each SIP gateway for the IMG 2020. 

7- Click on "Channel Groups> Download resource tables".

8- Verify that call traffic is processed and IP channels are used in calls, and that the EMS connection state is "connected-in-sync".

Important: These steps should be scheduled during a maintenance window as the procedure will disconnect all ongoing IP calls on the IMG 2020 after the Packet Facility object is deleted.


  • The "Number of Channels" in the Packet Facility object should be the same as the number of IP Ports in the "License Info" object.
  • Take extra care when deleting the Packet Facility object and make sure that there are no "Node Assoc:" objects remaining before proceeding with deleting the Packet Facility object. 
  • Deleting a Packet Facility object while there is still an existing "Node Assoc:" object may cause issues on the IMG 2020. The WebUI status may show  “EMS: Not Connected - Sync Unknown - Version Unknown” which will require re-loading the backup configuration in order to roll back to the  previous state.

Product List:

Dialogic® IMG 2020 Integrated Media Gateway (IMG 2020), formerly referred to as Dialogic® BorderNet™ 2020 Session Border Controller

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First published: 01-Feb-2016
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