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Calls rejected due to "No Match" in translation tables


Calls are rejected when digits received on a channel group on Dialogic® Integrated Media Gateways do not match any string values entered in the  translation entries of incoming or outgoing translation tables.

Background :  

If there is no match between string values in translation entries and digits on a channel group, the IMG Gateway generates a "DPE response: No Match" error (highlighted below) and calls will be rejected. It is essential that one of the string values in the translation table matches the call digits in the channel group. 

Example of no match error in incoming translation table:

22:37:13.553 CALL(GCL) (00:00037:00) DPE Input :DN=[467812] ANI=[545678] GN=[545678]
22:37:13.553 CALL(GCL) (00:00037:00) DPE input plus(+) sign mask 0x00000000
22:37:13.553 CALL(GCL) (00:00037:00) Invoke Incoming DPE 1; Channel Group 3
22:37:13.553 CALL(GCL) (00:00037:00) DPE response: No Match

Example of no match error in outgoing translation table:

22:41:09.653 CALL(GCL) (00:00038:01) DPE Input :DN=[4467812] ANI=[545678] GN=[545678]
22:41:09.653 CALL(GCL) (00:00038:01) DPE input plus(+) sign mask 0x00000000
22:41:09.653 CALL(GCL) (00:00038:01) Invoke Outgoing DPE 3; Channel Group 4
22:41:09.653 CALL(GCL) (00:00038:01) DPE response: No Match


In order for calls not to get rejected due to a "No Match" error in incoming or outgoing translation tables, one of the translation entries (dialed/originating or generic numbers) "string to match" values must match the digits received/sent on a channel group on the IMG Gateway.

For example, if an incoming translation table has only one entry with the settings below,

Type of operation : Translation
String to Match: Dialed Number
String: 44&
Dialed # Translation:: &

then if a channel group using this translation table receives a dialed number as "477176412", this call will fail with "DPE response: No Match" error, as the dialed number does not start with "44".

For any other numbers which do not start with "44" and which do not need to be translated, the entry below can be added to the translation table to match those other numbers:

Type of operation: Translation
String To Match: Dialed Number
String: &
Dialed # Translation: &

This example can also be used for outgoing translation tables.


1- If the dialed number in a call matches a translation entry which has "Re-Run Option" option selected (as Originating Number or Generic Number) , then translation entries for "Originating Number" or "Generic Number" in the translation table must be also matched for that call not to be rejected.

2- If a generic number or originating number has no value, to match the null value in an entry, the string value must be set to "v" (for void) for that translation entry.


Product List:

Dialogic® IMG 1010 Integrated Media Gateway
Dialogic® IMG 1004 Integrated Media Gateway
Dialogic® IMG 2020 Integrated Media Gateway (IMG 2020), formerly referred to as Dialogic® BorderNet™ 2020 Session Border Controller


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First published: 16-Jan-2015
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