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Dialogic® Brooktrout® Fax over IP

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Dialogic® Brooktrout® Fax Boards
Using Microsoft Fax with Brooktrout Fax (product page; includes downloads)

Before you start
Software and drivers

Installation tip for SR140 license on virtual machine
Driver error when installing on Windows 7
Setting the adapter for the SR140 call control and media
Uninstalling the Boston Host Service from a command prompt
Pre-packaged Boston driver for different Linux kernel versions

Hairpinning on Cisco gateways
Overriding H.323 Numbering Type and Numbering Plan on SR140 and TR1034 IP
Sample IPV6 callctrl.cfg for SR140 with IPV6
Where does Configtool get its initial values before settings.cfg is created?
SR140 - DMG Series Configuration "Best Practices"
What is the Brooktrout SR140 RTP port range and how can it be changed?

How to use the demo SR140 license key supplied with FDTool
How to activate a Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 license
How to remove a Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 license
How to re-host an SR140 license
SR140 license errors reported by License Manager
SR140 Configtool reports 'LICENSE_ERROR'
Determining the SR140 License Node ID (Node Lock)

Common reasons for Boston Host Service not to start
Setting DSCP bits in Windows Server 2012 for Brooktrout SR140 Software
SR140 does not detect very quiet G.711 signals
Can Brooktrout SR140 Software send a SIP INVITE with no SDP?
Playing an audible beep prior to recording on the SR140
Using custom SIP x-headers on the SR140
SR140 cannot send to Ricoh Aficion machine using G.711/ECM
Duplicate faxes sent

Error Messages
Information on some error codes in mill_api.h
H.323 calls out to CUCM fail with '47 - Resources unavailable'
Issue with SIP Error 500 and redundant RTP
Configtool returns a license error about an unknown feature name
Error: No Response to 3 MPS or No Response to 3 EOP
Boston.sys cause BSOD when Windows shutdown
Short black TIFF is generated on Microsoft Fax Service Provider 6.x
When Initializing a Fax Channel In An Application, a Connected State Error is Received
"Output stream is bad" error with configtool

Under Linux, Brooktrout utilities take 10 seconds to return when user not logged in as root
SR140 troubleshooting guide
How to verify what stage a SR140 T.38 call fails at, and how to fix it
How to analyse a T.38 fax call with Wireshark
How to download and use the Dialogic Brooktrout Fax Diagnostic Tool for Windows
Brooktrout Fax Board LEDs - what do they mean?

Enabling debug on Brooktrout products
Brooktrout FOIP Logs - Which logs are required under which circumstances?
Brooktrout Call Control tracing
Brooktrout Logs - Which logs are required under which circumstances?
For IP: Capturing Wireshark Traces

Calling BfvHistoryDumpModChan results in a Windows exception error
Providing real-time fax page send status in Brooktrout applications
How to set the Outbound Caller ID in the Brooktrout API
PAGE_RES parameters sig_level, line_noise, and sig_quality
Shrunken or stretched fax images
How to use BfvLineAlert to stop a Brooktrout channel when the application attaches to channels using BfvSessionAttach
Handling received fax pages that are stored as Zero RowsPerStrip
Receiving fax pages into individual TIFF files using the Brooktrout Bfv API
Brooktrout Fax API: how to handle an error from a Bfv function.
Continuing on to receive more pages into a TIFF file when one pages receives 0 scanlines

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