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EuroISDN BRI service parameters

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Ordering EuroISDN BRI Service for Dialogic® Brooktrout® TR1000 or TR1034 or TruFax® BRI Fax Boards


If you order the EuroISDN BRI service from a telephone company or PBX vendor, provide the following information:

Product Manufacturer: Dialogic Corporation (formerly: Brooktrout Technology, Inc.)
Product Name: Dialogic® Brooktrout® TR1034 or Trufax® BRI Fax Board (2 or 4 channels, 1 or 2 ports)
Type of line: Basic Rate, also known as S0, T0, S2
Type of interface: S/T, not  U
Signal protocol: EuroISDN, also known as CTR-3, DSS1, Q.931, ETSI; not 1TR6, DASS2 or DPNSS
Clock Master: Network side must be configured as "NT", and provide the clock, except when doing back-to-back testing by cross-connecting one port to the other port on a 4 channel board.
Number of ISDN Ports Needed: One port equals two B channels; depends on model of the board: TR1000/TR1034+P2B and TRuFax200BRI has 1 port and TR1000/TR1034+P4B and TruFax400BRI have 2 ports.
B Channel Provisioning: Circuit-Switched
Channel Service: 64Kbps clear channel service end-to-end for every call
In case you need Inbound Routing : Please verify with your telco people that you are receiving a called party number.
In order to receive the digits properly, you will typically have the following Brooktrout callctrl.cfg settings:
reject_incomplete FALSE
max_did_digits 20
did_timeout 5
Datalink protocol: POINT2POINT and POINT2MULTIPOINT are both supported; AUTO datalink detection is the default and suffices in most cases; in case of issues, configure the datalink explicitly based on how the telco provider has the BRI line configured

Additional Information:

  • Preferably, you want layers 1 and 2 kept active
  • Please do not ask for a specific HLC, eg "telephony"

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First published: 22-Jul-2008
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